With the increasing demand being placed on networks because of the shift from client/server and Internet to cloud and mobile, Software Defined WAN from http://www.velocloud.com/ has become a necessity. Cloud and mobile computing create entirely different traffic patterns than legacy computing models. More bandwidth is required because business agility is a top priority. The need for business agility drives the need for IT agility and network agility. Today’s networks are highly inflexible and unable to meet the needs of businesses.


Software Defined WANs can help improve business flexibility and profitability by:

1. Lowering Networking Expenses

Using SD WANs, an organization can rely more on broadband and less on the more expensive private links. The Software Defined WAN can decide between endpoints if broadband is capable of carrying the data. If not, it can redirect the flow to the private links, when necessary. This will help reduce the costs of networking overall, because companies can reduce the size of their private links in favor of using less expensive broadband. Obviously, it will take time to make the conversion to Software Defined Wide Area Networks.

Software Defined WAN

2. Decreasing Networking Complexity

Setting up WAN is a complex undertaking. Routing protocols do not react to changing situations within the network. Overriding the normal behavior of a routing protocol is a difficult task. Software Defined WANs automatically handles this work. They route and reroute traffic based on the state of the network at any given time. The software can be programmed to treat each type of traffic a certain way. If it is critical traffic, the program makes sure it gets through immediately. If is less critical, it treats it so. The software handles everything, lightening the workload of the IT staff.

3. Providing More Flexibility

The SD WAN allows the system to react to changing demands and network conditions automatically. This added flexibility makes the system a lot more efficient. As demand increases, the system will be able to respond to the increase. Older WANs connected locations. (Branches to data centers). Today, workers and data can be located anywhere. Companies have branches all over the world. The SD WAN connects workers to the resources they need to do their work from anywhere in the world. With the increased use of cloud vpn resources, this system simply becomes a necessity.